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How OrthoGolfer Elite Works

How Ortho Golfer Elite Works
golf orthotic Elevated Forefoot – By lifting the front of the foot and creating a negative heel stance the body is repositioned for optimal posture at the address phase.

golf orthotic Lateral Stabilizer Bar - This dynamic addition centralizes the body’s weight and reduces lateral sway during the back swing. The built-in lateral energy plug assists in returning energy during the downswing phase.

golf orthotic Increased Arch Support - The slight elevation in the medial arch engages the body’s sensory receptors (proprioceptors), which in turn greatly increases stability and balance during all phases of the golf swing.

golf orthotic Deep Heel Cup – Stability, balance and proper alignment begin with the heel. Controlling the heel stabilizes the forefoot, rearfoot and ankle complex. This in turn allows for proper alignment of the knees, hips and lower back, which is a key element at all phase of the golf swing.
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